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Debut 45rpm 7” single “Million Miles” from Diamond Street Players w/ guest Amanda Joy on vocals drops Feb 1st, 2019 available on 7” wax only!

SIDE A_millionmiles.jpg

"Reptile Show" - Slim Wednesday Debut Album April 6th, 2018 !!!


The Diamond Street Players (Atlanta, GA) are the modern equivolent of a STAX, or MOTOWN style studio backing band, (ala booker T & The Mg’s) led by organist, writer, & producer, Spencer Garn. Only, they focus firstly on laying down gritty soul, funk & R&B tracks that hold their own instrumentally. If they find a singer that works for a certain track, then so be it!

In this case, Garn, recorded singer, Amanda Joy on the A side “Million Miles,” which honestly is a very smooth, and soulful “Al Green meets Shuggie Otis” type of mid tempo love-soul bender!

Now... the B Side is really a polar opposite of what the players can do, and have done on their upcoming album coming early 2019! This edgy, raw & funky “Murky Retrograde,” has already received dancefloor approval in 2018 from the b-boys and b-girls in ATL all the way to Portland, Oregon prior to it’s upcoming release!

It is a pure melding of two different sides of the

Diamond Street Players sound!



Slim Wednesday…the day after Fat Tuesday…best kind of day for a ride out to Atchafalaya Basin to get the mind right. Gemco Records has just the soundtrack for your trip with Slim Wednesday's debut full-length, Reptile Show, made up of equal parts southern 70s-style soul, Toussaint/Dorsey-style funk, psychedelic troubadour folk/rock, New Orleans piano, and full-on festival circuit jam/rock. This is the southern stew-sound you get when you put Widespread Panic's piano/organ player, Jojo Hermann, and The Dynamites' guitarist/bandleader, Bill Elder (a.k.a. Leo Black), in a band together. Slim Wednesday brings the essence of Roots Music in this deeply versatile set of southern soul/funk/rock recordings. As Jojo put it best at one point during the recording process, "This just makes me wanna go jump in Lake Pontchartrain!"



Gemco Records, after a slight vinyl hiatus, glides back onto turntables in 2017 with a new artist delivering a resplendent new song. The first 7” 45 of the year from Gemco, “Living In Harmony”, complete with a remix DJ’s prize instrumental version featuring organ and flute inhabiting the B-side, brings a song to the world that couldn’t be more timely--in message and in feel.